Q. What do you charge?

Every brief is different, so please contact me to discuss what you want. Please note that quality copywriting pays for itself, so it’s not a cost; it’s an investment. Just ask yourself how many new customers/sales you need to pay my fee.

Q. How soon can you do it?

That depends on my availability and how much work needs to be done. To give you an idea, for standard web copy I usually allow two weeks and deliver in one. For best results, please allow as much time as possible. If your work is urgent, I may be able to move things around to accommodate you – just ask.

Q. What’s the usual process?

First, I send you my 20 ‘discovery’ questions. Next, we book a meeting, phone or Skype call to discuss your answers and fill in any gaps. I’ll then send you a no-obligation quote. Once you authorise me to go ahead, I’ll usually send you the first draft via email in Word format.

Q. Do you write for clients other than retail or coaches, consultants, speakers and trainers?

Sometimes. I tend to avoid public sector and IT clients because of the level of jargon they usually expect, but am willing to write for anyone that wants their message communicated simply.