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The employer may grant employees paid leave for compulsory reasons, as paid annual leave is considered under the employer`s administrative law under the provisions of the labour code, the employee`s consent is not necessary. Where the employment of a worker during unpaid leave is part of a sector undergoing restructuring, it is included in communications and consultations, like other workers, in accordance with the university`s restructuring and redundancy framework. It is the employee`s responsibility to ensure that their contact information is up to date. If the worker works in another job during the unpaid leave, the employer has the right to terminate the employment contract immediately for a specific reason. The situation in question is considered a violation of the worker`s duty of loyalty and constitutes a fair ground for dismissal of the employer. However, in practice, employers agree with workers to work in another workplace as a show of goodwill. If possible, the agreement should look at alternatives. Will the employer offer them the next available position? Does the employer intend to consider them for the next available position without an application? Both the employer and the worker should be aware of the benefits and potential risks that come with it. While it is not absolutely necessary to have a written record of the details of the leave through a formal contract, it is often desirable to ensure that both parties know what to expect. An absence agreement is a document by which the employer and the worker record the conditions of a long-term leave of the worker`s position. Longer leave does not require a specific schedule, but would generally take longer than sick or leave days. Leave is often taken in cases of maternity, paternity, family leave, sabbaticals or other reasons.

In the case of intermittent medical leave, the request may include participation in a permanent medical appointment or a shorter working day for the cure of a disease such as cancer. Reducing leave contracts to the letter protects both employers and workers. However, there is no reason to apply a leave agreement in all situations where an employee must take leave. Employers are encouraged to adopt a standard form and protocol for workers requesting such leave. An absence agreement is a written agreement between an employer and an employee. It documents the conditions of leave for a worker in a company. A leave agreement gives a worker an absence from work for a period of time, allowing him or her to deal with other issues. The employer undertakes to maintain the worker`s workstation (or, in some cases, a similar position) for the worker upon return from leave. The employee agrees to return at some point. Overall, the time required to implement a leave agreement is significantly less than the time and grief (not to mention costs) is the trial of a problem that could have been dealt with in a written agreement executed.