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For example, the noun is plural and feminine faldas (skirts), so that all the adjectives that are used to describe it are also plural and feminine. For example: Nunca er visto ballenas azules. I have never seen blue whales. In Spanish, adjectives must correspond to the nouns they describe, which means that they must show whether they are masculine or feminine and singular or plural to match the name. Complete sentences with the right adjectives. There`s one last thing you need to know about colors that work like adjectives. Antonio me ha dado sus gafas azul marino. (Antonio gave me his navy blue glasses.) How and when do we do it if the adjective is a color? Spanish adjectives are usually listed in dictionaries in their male singular form, so it is important to know how to hold these singular male adjectives with any name you describe. Most adjectives end in o, e or a consonant in their unique male forms. Below are the rules for assigning these adjectives to their respective nouns in sex and numbers. The sex of a color varies depending on whether it works as an adjective or as a nnor, and whether it is altered by another adjective or by untunonif, I like to define colors as a gender fluid. Color combinations are immutable.

Z.B.: La flor (f) es azul claro. The flower is light blue. An adjective is a word that describes a nostunon. In Spanish, adjectives have different endings depending on whether the word they describe is masculine, feminine, singular or plural. Like other Spanish adjectives, sex and number must change to suit the subtantifs that change them. There are, however, a few exceptions: the group of colors that end with -o contains all colors that behave like normal adjectives. This means that regardless of gender or main number, color and adjective/nomene remain in the male singular form! Even if you start your adventure with the Spanish language, you probably already know that names and adjectives must correspond in terms of gender and number. Everybody does it. As the name suggests, descriptive adjectives describe a certain quality of a nostun.