Bill-and-Ben speak

Flopperpop: Flowerpot
Haddop: Hello
Slogalog: Slowcoach
Doomoddlestop: Oh Your Majesty
Icklekickles: Icicles
Ippop Weeb: Little Weed
Clareklop: Scarecrow
Waddle oo tikoo dop? Gloob a waddle a hop: What do you think of that? Gloves as well as a hat
Nigloo Lawdlepop: Nigel Lawson
Migly Fachoo: Margaret Thatcher
Priddly Daidy: Princess Di
Nibble Kidlop: Neil Kinnock
Prid Charbly: Prince Charles
Teddly Wogglelip: Terry Wogan
Mikloo Parkypop: Michael Parkinson
Sootly Lollipop: Sue Lawley
Bobawop: Goodbye

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