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Jackie Barrie mentoringJackie set up a Copywriter Club on Facebook to provide regular tips and occasional job opportunities for people who’ve done her training courses. It now includes 1,700 members from around the world, mostly UK freelancers with at least a year of experience.

Members have been asking her to mentor them, so she’s set up a new programme for groups and individuals.

Confident freelance copywriting

What’s included?

Content is driven by the attendees, but here are some of the topics that might be covered during a year-long programme of monthly group mentoring calls (on Zoom):

  1. AIDA, the spine of all good marketing for over 50 years
  2. Websites, the Jackie Barrie approach to making them work
  3. Theories such as Maslow, TA, nudge, feather, KISS, USP and Gestalt, how they inform the copy you write
  4. MailChimp and WordPress, finding your way around and offering them as an extra service
  5. Specific practical skills e.g. How to use track changes, how to write a job ad, working for friends and family, writing a sales letter
  6. Mindset issues, how to be confident with your pricing strategy
  7. The business side of freelance copywriting, tips around invoicing, insurance, T&Cs etc.
  8. Cialdini’s principles of persuasion, behavioural economics (Rory Sutherland)
  9. NLP and motivational strategies / towards & away copywriting
  10. PEST, SWOT, RACI: What they mean and how they can help you
  11. Tried-and-tested discovery process
  12. Best ways to present your copy
  13. Which metrics to measure and why

You don’t just get a chance to learn from Jackie’s copywriting experience (18 years in-house, over 20 years as a freelancer). It’s also likely that group members will start referring work between themselves, once they get to know each other through the live calls. So the benefits could be immeasurable.

Monthly sessions are supported by a dedicated WhatsApp group for ‘live’ members only, and a private Facebook group that includes the video members too.

“Jackie generously shares her wisdom and experience, always cheerfully. It’s genuinely a privilege to be mentored in this way. Jackie easily shows how she uses insights from her understanding of psychology to elevate the task of copywriting to an art through science. At the same time she keeps it down to earth and simple, enabling you to do the same.”
Kay Cox

How it works

The initial programme of live group mentoring sessions runs from 2:00pm to 3:15pm on the second Tuesday of each month, so:

  • 13 April 2021
  • 11 May 2021
  • 7 June 2021
  • 13 July 2021
  • 10 August 2021
  • 14 September 2021
  • 12 October 2021
  • 9 November 2021
  • 14 December 2021
  • 11 January 2022
  • 15 February 2022
  • 15 March 2022

If there’s sufficient demand, a separate programme will start later in the year.

Your investment

  • Attend 12 x monthly live Zoom calls + get all videos for £25+VAT per month PAYG or £250+VAT per year
    (Paying annually saves £50pa compared with paying monthly – it also saves admin time)

“Jackie is my copywriting guru and has singlehandedly transformed my copywriting career. I have learnt so much about the industry, the craft and how to make a decent living as a freelance copywriter. Most importantly of all, I have learnt to price my work according to its worth and develop processes and systems to enable my own copywriting business to succeed.”
Lucy Banwell

What next?

Contact Jackie to advise:

  • The top 3 topics you’d like me to cover
  • Any other ideas you may have
  • Your full name
  • Your postal address
  • What timezone you’re in
  • What payment option you’d prefer

    12 x video recordings

    If the live sessions are not convenient for you, you can always subscribe to the videos instead and watch them anytime.

    You also get access to the private Facebook group where you can interact with the ‘live’ members.

    Your investment

    • Pay £125+VAT and get drip-feed access to all the recordings

    What next?

    To request the video links, please ask. Include:

    • Your full name
    • Your postal address

    121 support

    You can book Jackie for one or more private mentoring sessions, focused purely on you, your copy skills, your challenges and your goals. You can ask her anything. For example:

    • Help to create your own outreach marketing plan
    • Confidence-boosting advice to raise your prices
    • Feedback on a project you’re currently writing
    • Ideas about how to deal with a particularly tricky client
    • Anything else that would be useful

    “Jackie has a wealth of copywriting experience and shares that knowledge generously. Coupled with her psychology qualifications and creative approach to using Zoom, her sessions are not only super-informative but also engaging and fun. I have left our meetings feeling inspired and understanding much, much more about the various processes of copywriting.”
    Alex Galbinski

    Your investment

    • Book 121 mentoring sessions at £100+VAT per hour (payable in advance)

    What next?

    • Choose a convenient 60-90 minute slot at Jackie’s Calendly link
    • Add your full name, postal address, and any topics you’d particularly like to cover

    Free advice

    For regular copywriting tips and occasional job opportunities, join Jackie’s Copywriter Club. You can ask her anything in there. She can’t always promise to respond immediately, but the other members are also very helpful.

    It has a strict ‘no sales’ policy, a supportive nature, and more of a UK flavour than many of the copywriting groups on Facebook.

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