Digital marketing programme

When Alice was lost in Wonderland and asked the Cheshire Cat for help, he said: “Where are you trying to get to?” She replied: “I don’t really mind”, so he told her: “Then it doesn’t matter which way you go”.

All marketing is about objectives:

  • Your social media activity is to grow your reach and drive traffic to your website – not by broadcasting, but by engaging with your friends, fans and followers
  • Your blog is to keep your website fresh for Google, and to demonstrate your expertise and provide added value for site visitors
  • Your newsletter is to remind people you exist and tempt them back to your website
  • Your website is to provide contact information plus sufficient information to generate leads and sales, and to grow your subscriber list

It’s wise to integrate your website, blog, newsletter and social media profiles with a consistent look, feel and tone of voice.

That’s why my best-selling programme is a digital marketing package that includes:

  • Review and refresh your website
  • Write weekly blog posts
  • Produce monthly newsletters
  • Set up your social media profiles
  • Share daily Facebook and Twitter updates

The services you receive will be tailored to your own particular needs and budget. You’ll receive a monthly report to measure progress, as well as training along the way.

You should allow three to six months until you see results. By the end of that time, you’ll know what works and why, and have templates and a content strategy you can follow. You and your team will then be able to continue the good work yourselves.

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Typical results

I ran a digital marketing programme for a personal trainer.

  • Month 1: Google Analytics showed his bounce rate had reduced from 55.13% to 50.31%, while time spent on the site increased from 1:46 to 2:05 on average
  • Month 2: People were looking at more pages per session, on average 2.81 instead of 2.52, and staying for 2:25 – much better
  • Month 3: People were staying for 3:45 on average. Those who clicked through from Facebook viewed an average of 3.03 pages compared with 1.91 before I got involved, and spent 6:01 browsing the site instead of just 1:16

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