Copywriting for construction

I don’t know about you, but rather than hunt around for business cards, I use Google as an address book. I Googled a web design agency who used me to write copy for their clients, and saw the description read “This web design agency is headed by three lesbians”.

When I got the courage to ask them why they included that message in their marketing, they told me it wasn’t true, and that a mischievous web developer had added it to the code without them noticing! Oops.

I often wondered whether that was why they attracted so many construction clients, and what they thought when I turned up for briefing meetings.

People often ask what type of clients I write for. So I checked. I found an almost 50:50 ratio between traditionally ‘male’ businesses and traditionally ‘female’. There’s no gender-stereotyping here!

I’ve written construction websites about dry lining, timber framing, loft conversions, and more.

As with all copywriting, the secret to success is the research. Just as a novelist doesn’t have to kill someone to write about murder, your copywriter doesn’t have to be an expert in construction to be able to write skillfully about it. The novelist talks to people and does online research. The copywriter does exactly the same. In both cases, we build effective words that do the trick.

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