Copywriting for financial services

I write monthly articles for an independent financial adviser that are published in a local magazine, posted to the blog, compiled into a quarterly newsletter and printed as factsheets. A great example of reusing, recycling and repurposing the same content to reach a wider audience.

When I was looking for my first writing job, I worked in an insurance company – AMP, if you’re interested – calculating alterations to policies. (Yes, it was in the days before every office had computers, that’s how old I am). I also wrote articles for the staff magazine, which had won a Gold award in Australia. Hoorah, my first published work!

This is relevant because I may be a wordsmith but it proves I am not scared of numbers.

As a financial services copywriter, I’ve written websites for various financial advisers, mortgage brokers and accountants. Ask me to craft words that will be passed by Compliance, yet still work for your audience, so you win more business.

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