Copywriting for retail

As a student, I worked part-time at the now-defunct department store, Allders of Croydon (it wasn’t my fault the brand eventually went into administration, honest). One year, I was set to selling Easter eggs with a display at the foot of the escalator. The previous salesgirl had piled all the boxes in a higgledy-piggledy fashion. I laid them out neatly and sales increased dramatically – in fact we sold out of most items. It taught me that selling is all about product, pricing, placement and packaging.

I worked in other departments in the store, as well as in pubs and wine bars where I had to deal direct with the (sometimes drunken) public. While at journalism college, I spent two weeks in the BhS press office. I also worked for 18 years as a copywriter and ultimately senior manager at Freemans home shopping, where I learned just about everything there is to know about selling off-the-page.

If you want to create a unique tone of voice for your retail brand, let me know. If you have a key message to communicate, let’s discuss which channels will be most effective. If you want compelling product copy, that’s a core skill, either starting from scratch or editing your draft. And I can really add value by writing the top-level pages of your website, such as the homepage, about us, FAQs, orders/returns information and so on, whether your objective is to get found on search engines, or simply to sell more to your customers.

Are you responsible for marketing retail products (online or High Street)? Contact me today about copywriting for your retail business, and let’s make every word pay its way!

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