Before I set up my business in 2001, I’d been a senior manager in the corporate world. Just my stationery budget was £3m. It was a shock to suddenly have to do everything myself, even post my own letters. I find I spend about half my time doing what I went into business to do (copywriting), and the other half doing all the things I have to do to keep the business running (such as attending meetings). Perhaps it’s the same for you?

When you’re a small business, sole trader or entrepreneur, you have to do your own finance, marketing and strategic planning as well as running your business. So you’re probably too busy to do your own copywriting – even assuming you know how.

Even if you can string a sentence together, you may not know the latest SEO tricks, marketing techniques and psychological triggers that will make your target customer respond to your words the way you want them to.

That’s the craft of professional copywriting.

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