In the words of Victor Meldrew…

“I don’t believe it!”

Friend H visited recently and asked me how I keep my whites so white. We actually had a serious discussion about washing powder until we realised what we were doing.

Then I remembered when I went camping years ago with friend S, and we decided that Fairy washing-up liquid really does make more bubbles so you need less of it. Naturally, we stopped the conversation as soon as we noticed we were having it.

Two lessons:

1. We all use Ecover these days, thanks to the power of the green lobby

2. Advertising scripts that reflect reality really do work

P.S. I assure you that none of my friends have ever discussed slow digestive transits.

One Response to In the words of Victor Meldrew…

  1. AnnabelKaye February 16, 2009 at 12:45 pm #

    Sadly enough I was discussing what on earth a slow digestive transit might be – just last week.I hang my headi n shame

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