Now, that’s what I call creativity! (part 2)

Yes, it’s a bus shelter. Yes, it’s been made to look like an oven, with a real heating element in the ceiling.  Yes, it’s an ad, promoting the new hot breakfast sandwiches being sold by Caribou Coffee.

To experience the warmth in real life, you’ll have to go to Minneapolis.

Top tip: It’s a good example of what I have told you before. You have to stand out from the rest to get noticed – you have to BE DIFFERENT!

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  1. Heather K January 20, 2011 at 11:04 am #

    What a brilliant idea! I'd give it about 12 hours in most towns in the UK before it was totally trashed. I wanted that to sound humorous, but I fear it's more realistic than comic. =o(

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