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Online mentoring


Jackie occasionally provides one-to-one mentoring for aspiring copywriters.

If you’re new to freelance or in-house copywriting, this is your chance to learn directly from someone who’s been doing it since 1983. Jackie’s personalised support will help you avoid mistakes and become successful sooner.

Choose the amount of mentoring you need:

  • Maxi-mentoring: 12 x 60-75m Zoom calls, one each month
  • Midi-mentoring: 3 x 60-75m Zoom calls, one each week
  • Mini-mentoring: 1 x 60-75m Zoom call

Not sure what level to choose? Jackie will find out what you need and suggest a plan. Subsequent conversations will be highly targeted to focus on the specific copy you write, the challenges you face, and the questions you want answered. Usually, she’ll ask you to submit samples of what you typically write, and give you feedback on your own writing style.

You’ll end up with the knowledge you need to produce effective copy for your own business, your employer and your clients.

“Recently we recruited a new copywriter to our team, and Jackie has played a significant part in his induction with a ½ day in-house training and then three subsequent video calls. Her style is engaging, passionate and she is extremely knowledgeable in her field – it was a sound investment to ensure that our new team member sets off in his career with the best foundations in place.”

Nathan Kelsey, Make Me Local

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