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Tart up your tagline

This 20-minute talk puts Jackie’s copywriting skills to the test, as she rewrites the taglines of three volunteers – instantly – by playing the role of a 10-year-old, their ideal client, and Judge Jackie.

While being entertained, audience members learn valuable lessons they can take away to help bring clarity to their own core message. This highly involving and interactive talk can be followed up by a bespoke training session for your team.

Jackie demonstrated how a fresh approach to the words you use to describe your business in a strapline can result in that ‘penny dropping’ moment… This is very much a personal recommendation; it worked for me!”
Ges Ray


“With high energy and audience participation, Jackie’s talk was informative, entertaining and engaging. The volunteers who agreed to be featured benefited from personalised advice, while the rest of the audience came away with bucket-loads of tips to put into practice.”
Jackie Groundsell, Beckenham Business Association

  • Best time to deliver this talk? When attendees are responsible for writing their own core message
  • Variation: Count the dots (the importance of standing out)

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