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Copywriting for journalists

Jackie told the school careers advisor she wanted to be a writer, and was told: “Writers starve in garrets; be a teacher.” The only kind of writing they’d heard of that paid any money was journalism. So, after A levels, Jackie qualified as a journalist – but never actually worked as one. Eventually, she got a job as a copywriter, and has earned a living from copywriting ever since. Now, she trains journalists how to become copywriters (so she’s ended up being a teacher after all).

It’s increasingly difficult for freelance journalists to earn a decent income, and many of them see copywriting as a potentially lucrative income stream.

“I thought this course was expensive when I booked. After completing it, it seems a steal. More densely packed than a commuter train full of rye bread, I finished up exhausted but enthusiastic and confident about starting out as a copywriter.”
Nione Meakin, journalist-turned-copywriter

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Journalism skills are easily transferable to copywriting. On this interactive and practical course, journalists learn tips, tricks and insider secrets of running a copywriting business, so they can extend their skillset and generate extra income.

One delegate called the course: “How to get paid what you’re worth and not be treated like sh*t”.

Journalists can choose to attend live in central London or via Zoom.

Jackie delivers this full-day course on behalf of Journalism.co.uk. She ran it three times a year on-site since 2013, and monthly online since lockdown.

She’s also created a pre-recorded half-day version of the course that doesn’t include any interaction.

So far, over 300 journalists have attended. Having grown a strong word-of-mouth following, the course sells out well in advance almost every time.

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