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Copywriting for marketers

When Jackie was a senior manager in corporate life, she was seconded to the marketing department to help deliver a rebranding project. This involved giving presentations to 5,000 staff across the UK, and gave her a real understanding of the issues that organisations can experience around internal and external communications.

Marketers often come from an academic or journalistic background – which means they might be good writers. But chances are that no-one has ever told them how to write compelling copy.

Would it help your in-house marcomms team to learn how to write better copy for web pages and blog posts? Or the best tone of voice to use in a crisis? Or how to make dry, dull reports more interesting to read? Learning these skills will make them even more effective.

Jackie has already run several bespoke courses on Copywriting for In-house marcomms teams. The content can be delivered online so no one needs to travel. And the case studies are always tailored to your own publications, so the course is instantly practical and relevant.

She will usually ask for samples to be provided in advance so she can use them as case studies throughout the day and make the course really relevant to attendees.

Most of her corporate clients are from the media / publishing and retail sectors. However, because the course content is always customised, it doesn’t matter what type of copy you write – for example, she’s also trained comms teams who work in the waste management industry, and even stamp collecting.

“We have had such great feedback on last week’s session, so big thank you! The group really appreciated working on relevant examples.”
Rebecca Constable, Haymarket Media Group

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