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The Little Fish Guide to DIY Marketing

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How to make a BIG splash with a small budget. Includes bonus chapter for start-ups (132 pages)

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Product Description

Many clients ask me the same questions, so I find myself saying the same things, giving the same advice and sharing the same stories. The underlying message is “use a professional”. But I recognise that, when you’re starting out or on a low budget, there are times when you’d rather do it yourself. This book tells you how.

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This book is written in Plain English for business (not consumer) readers.


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3 reviews for The Little Fish Guide to DIY Marketing

  1. admin
    5 out of 5


    “Jackie Barrie makes the mysteries of marketing and copywriting understandable. She gives plenty of examples and there are some great exercises and thought experiments to help you identify essential things like your target market and your Unique Selling Point. It’s very clear that Jackie knows what she’s talking about. This book is a lifetime’s worth of marketing wisdom in a half-hour read.”

    Andy Smith, coachingleaders.com

  2. admin
    5 out of 5


    “Written in an engaging, entertaining and straight- forward way, with plenty of examples and practical exercises you can use for your own business. This book is a both a handy reference and a ready source of inspiration. Buy it and keep it near your desk.”

    Jeff Nutbeem, Business Mentor

  3. admin
    5 out of 5


    “Sets out a complex subject in a nicely paced, uncluttered fashion. Best of all, jargon – when it is really needed – is explained with apparently effortless clarity.”

    Andy Fairgrieve, Primavista

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