Questions, questions

I was at a breakfast networking meeting this week. You know the type – everyone presents for 60-seconds, trying to attract referrals from the other people in the room by tapping into their networks. This time, there were only a few attendees (well, it is still just about holiday season I suppose). Anyway, there was more than enough time for everyone to give their 1-minute presentations so I suggested we also do a Q&A for each attendee, to find out more about them.

Here are the 5 questions that resulted in the most interesting answers:

- How did you get into doing what you do?
- What is your favourite business success story or disaster story?
- What are you working on at the moment?
- What type of clients are you looking for at the moment?
- What would be your top tip for business owners?

My top tip is to build relationships at these meetings, don’t just deliver a sales pitch.

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