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And while I am currently in India, as mentioned above, I personally cannot handle my day-to-day business, and for convenience reasons, it is necessary that I appoint a lawyer and give him the powers below. 4.8. Approval of agreements:-Approval (if my lawyer deems it necessary or desirable) of an agreement that alters rights, privileges or obligations relating to one of my investments, and to approve a system or agreement to increase or reduce the value or amount of the company or capital of a company or company and, for that purpose, , to provide or exchange related investments or ownership documents and to pay any necessary contribution or other cost of such a system or agreement. A stock purchase power is used when the purchaser of shares cannot travel to the United Arab Emirates or otherwise participate in the formalities of buying and transferring shares. 8.2. Exercise of powers:-The execution and exercise of land, investments or real estate in relation to land, investments or real estate which, for the time being, are subject to all confidence and attributions and descriptions of the lime entrusted to me as an agent or as a beneficiary as an agent, as a beneficiary mentioned above or under a confidenceful act of confidence , a tally or any other document, to the extent that this is lawfully possible. In order to protect the interests of the lawyer in the actions, the client irrevocably designates and, for security reasons, the lawyer as his legitimate and legitimate lawyer with authority on his behalf and on his behalf or by other means, to exercise all rights, powers and privileges that are related to the shares or which may be exercised by the registered holder of the shares and , to this end, make all these acts and acts and all acts of this type and other documents, such as counsel, deem necessary or desirable until the registration of the actions on behalf of the lawyer, including, without prejudice to the universality of the above, all or any of the following (in any case in this manner and under such conditions, as the lawyer deems it appropriate at his discretion). 4.2. Allowance of shares of the company:-to request and accept shares on my behalf in a company, company or legal body or body. This power of attorney (Corporate Sellers) is used to give the purchaser all rights to the shares during the period between filling in and listing the purchaser as the holder of the shares in the Company`s books (which may take several days, as the form or forms of share transfer must be stamped).

It should be used when the seller is a business and should be executed as an act by two directors or a director and secretary.