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Missing a trick?

I keep seeing this ad on the back of buses, and wondering if there is another version, with the text and image in blue, with a female face and the word ‘Upset’ instead of ‘Angry’. It seems not. At least, not yet.

The ‘angry’ website

When my first car* was stolen years ago, I remember more tears than tantrums.

*Red ‘Coke bottle’ Cortina Mark 111, since you ask.


Plus or minus?

When I first saw these ads, I didn’t like the Yorkshire stereotyping. #Fail.

When I did some more research for today’s blog post, I noticed that PlusNet reps are monitoring and responding to customer comments all over social media. #Pass.


“You can’t sack this!”

I love the delivery a la David Brent.

The other great thing is the offer. If you don’t find love in 6 months you get the next 6 months free. Not sure it would work for customers. But it works for the advertiser!

What can you do to take away the risk for your new prospects?