Networking Made Simple

A few months after I started my own business, I was invited to a breakfast networking meeting. There, I met a photographer who referred me to an accountant who needed help to write and design his newsletter. The accountant referred me to a telecoms business. I wrote and designed their newsletter too. They referred me to another telecoms business. Guess what, I also wrote newsletters for them. That’s how networking works – when you do it right.

I networked hard to grow my profile and reputation locally. For example, I co-founded the Bromley Creative Community, co-moderated Croydon Ecademy for its first two years, and was Area Partner for eight BRX groups across south-east England. These days, 98% of my work comes from word-of-mouth referrals, recommendations and repeat clients. On this course you’ll discover everything you need to know to make networking work for you too.

Course aims
To share tips, advice and practical techniques so you become a confident and successful networker.

Course outline

  • What is networking
  • 6 degrees of separation
  • The importance of Recency Frequency & Value
  • Why to be a ‘networking tart’
  • How to ‘work the room’
  • Defining your networking objectives
  • Good opening questions
  • 10 networking tips
  • What to say in your 60-second ‘pitch’

Who should attend
Startups, small-business owners and entrepreneurs who want to use networking as a route to market.

When and where
This one-day course can be run on demand at a venue of your choice, anywhere in the English-speaking world.
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