Social Media Made Simple

So there I was in Vienna, with my passport in my hand, because I needed it to get through security at the Hapsburg Palace. That’s where I was training an international organisation to improve their social media skills. I’ve been providing social media training since it hit the mainstream in early 2009. I still love introducing newbies to the potential of social media with a ‘beginners’ guide’, but these days, most delegates already have some social media experience, even if it’s only for personal use rather than business use. Many are finding that social media takes a lot of time and are not sure if it is working for them. It works for me and my clients! I can tell you the strategy and content you need to make it work for you too.

One issue is setting up accounts correctly. Another issue is knowing what content to include, and where to post it. You also need to learn the correct netiquette (Internet etiquette) to use, and most importantly, how to get the results you want.

I’ve trained hundreds of people to use social media – including recruiters, charities, colleges & universities, government representatives, marketing departments & agencies, and a wide range of startups, entrepreneurs, sole traders and small-business owners.

Course aims
After this two-day course you’ll understand the key mindset shift between traditional and social media marketing, and know how to get best results from Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest.

Course outline

  • Planning
    • Understand social media’s potential and possible pitfalls
    • Tap into the power of social proof
    • Align social media with your business & marketing plans
    • Set your social media objectives
  • LinkedIn
    • Learn how to enhance your personal profile to be perceived as the ‘go to’ expert
    • Discover the power of groups to grow your network
    • Find out how to make best use of your company page
  • Twitter
    • Demystify Twitter jargon
    • Become confident with Hootsuite
    • Use powerful search functions to find influential contacts
    • Find ways to enhance your Twitter profile
    • Learn how to embed Twitter in your website/blog
  • Facebook
    • Discover what you can do with your Page header image to get better results
    • Add and tailor apps to enhance the functionality of your Page
    • Find out what to put in your updates to reach more people
    • Learn how and why to extend your reach with promoted posts and ads
  • Google+
    • Discover the power of +1
    • Unleash the joy of Circles
    • Learn how Hangouts can help your business grow
  • Pinterest
    • How and why to pin and repin
    • Find out what to write in image captions
    • Avoid copyright concerns
  • Strategy
    • Analyse and improve your current social media presence
    • Brainstorm an effective social media marketing campaign
    • Learn about measuring and monitoring tools
    • Assess the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of your social media strategy
    • Plan your social media content

Who should attend
Anyone who wants to market their business or organisation on social media. This course suits absolute beginners as well as intermediate users.

This is a hands-on practical course, so you will need accounts already set up on LinkedIn, Twitter, Hootsuite and Facebook.

When and where
Dates to be advised.
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