Write your own Press Releases

My friend, Helen, has a talented daughter, Monique. She wrote her first song at the age of eight. Her uncle Phil (my friend’s brother) added a musical accompaniment and recorded it as a surprise present for them both. When I heard about this, I wrote them a press release under the headline ‘Brighton girl wins X Factor 2012’. It was picked up by their local press and BBC local radio station and Monique was interviewed live on air. They even played a bit of the song. She took it all in her stride and is well on her way to becoming a star!

The cheapest way to get editorial coverage in your desired publications or websites is to send a press release rather than take out an advert. Nothing is guaranteed, but how do you write a press release that editors are more likely to use? On this masterclass, you’ll find out the secrets of PR copywriting.

Course Aims
This half-day course is designed to help you write a press release the media will love. You will come away with the skills you need to write and distribute effective press releases to your ideal media outlets.

Course Outline

  • Writing compelling headlines
  • Answering WWWWWH
  • The rules of writing ‘news’
  • The power of case studies
  • Why and how to include quotes
  • How to end your press release
  • Best days and times to send it

Who should attend
This course is ideal for business-owners and marketers who want to generate free coverage for their business in the local, regional or trade media, both online and offline. Please bring samples of any previous press releases you have produced and a list of the publications or websites where you’d like your news to appear.

When and where
This half-day course can be run on demand at a venue of your choice, anywhere in the English-speaking world

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