Write your own Sales Letters

A painter/decorator asked me to rewrite his quote letter. Previously, he’d had 50% take-up. Without changing anything except the copy, we increased take-up to 75%. How would you like to achieve results like that?

Direct mail has been largely dropped in favour of its cheaper cousin – email marketing. However, that means that if you do post a traditional letter to your prospective clients, it will really stand out. Sales letters are therefore making a comeback. On this masterclass, you will learn how to write sales letters (not junk mail) that generate the results you want.

Course Aims
This half-day course is designed to help you write a sales letter that generates response. You will come away with the skills you need to write effective sales letters to your target market.

Course Outline

  • Standard sales letter structure
  • Writing a compelling heading
  • What is a Johnson box and why to use one
  • What to put in your introduction
  • Why to use sub-headings and bullet points
  • Salutations and signatories
  • The power of the P.S.
  • Direct mail and lumpy mail v ‘junk’ mail

Who should attend
This course is ideal for business-owners and marketers who want to write a sales letter that will turn prospects into clients.

Optional: Please bring samples of any previous sales letters you have produced, together with details of the results they achieved.

When and where
This half-day course can be run on demand at a venue of your choice, anywhere in the English-speaking world

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