Write your own Web Copy

An image consultant had paid thousands to have her website redesigned, and wrote all the copy herself. Despite getting 200 hits per week through Google Adwords and Pay Per Click campaigns, she had no enquiries for two months. I rewrote some key pages, recommended some design changes, and the client received six enquiries in the first week including a great corporate opportunity.

On this full-day course you will learn the tips, tricks and techniques that will help get your site get found in search engines, as well as the psychological triggers you need to include to get site visitors to take the action you want them to take. You’ll come away with expert – but common sense – ideas about how to make your website work harder for you, with practical web copy hints and tips you can take away and implement immediately.

Course outline

  • Writing web copy v writing print copy
  • Four elements you need on your website
  • Four objectives for your home page (and four words to avoid)
  • Four effective approaches for your about page (and what not to write)
  • Ways to write product copy that sells
  • Web copy DOs and DON’Ts
  • Secrets of ‘going viral’
  • Legal considerations
  • Web design tips
  • The power of video
  • The future of websites
  • Four main things Google looks for
  • Ten SEO tips you need to be aware of (without getting too techie)

Includes a signed copy of The Little Fish Guide to Writing your own Website worth £9.99.

Who should attend
Startups, entrepreneurs, business-owners and marketers – anyone who wants to write their own website (or who wants to know whether their web copywriter is doing a good job). It will also benefit web designers who’d like to add extra value to their clients.

When and where
This one-day course can be run on demand at a venue of your choice, anywhere in the English-speaking world
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“Vast amounts of content on the web is poorly written or in “business-speak” making it unintelligible in the few seconds people pay attention. Jackie Barrie is an expert copywriter who has transformed the text of many companies. For instance, she reduced the level of customer complaints to the Freemans catalogue by one-third, simply by rewriting some of their stock letters. Clearly, Jackie knows a thing or two about effective writing!”
Internet Psychologist, Graham Jones

“Jackie demystifies much of the jargon around websites and makes the whole process very easy to understand. She gets straight to the point – your website is not about YOU; it’s about the person reading it. How to Write Your Own Website had me nodding, groaning (at my own stupidity) and laughing out loud – and I ended up with a long list of actions and ideas to improve the copy on my website.[Jackie’s] advice really got me rethinking my website from the reader’s point of view, and I got much clearer on what I want each page and the website as a whole to achieve. I laughed out loud at the section on What Not to Write on Your About Us Page… So obvious on reflection, but exactly the sort of bland blah blah blah that I was in danger of writing on mine.
Dr Emma Sutton, NakedPresenting.co.uk

“Everything you need to know is set out in plain language with a dash of cheeky humour thrown in. It’s filled with all the tips and tricks you’ll need to write web copy that appeals to both people AND search engines. I took a look at my own website and was able to make some important changes right away.”
Kerrianne Cartmer-Edwards, TheSuccessMindShift.com

“Very impressive. Clearly very experienced and explained her knowledge very well. Really useful and inspiring course.”

“Well-informed. Open to questions.”

“Great! Loved the personal experiences and anecdotal stories. Highly recommend.”

“Very knowledgeable and experienced. Good mix of lecturing and exercises. Able to ask questions.”

“Insights on how to deal with clients on a practical level were particularly useful. A stimulating and engaging introduction to copywriting skills.”