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VIT welcomes the first group of 8 PhD students from Ghana to join the capacity building agreement between VIT, Periyar African Foundation (PAF) and Ghana Technical Universities. Through this agreement, VIT will help the faculties of several technical universities in Ghana improve their qualifications and improve their skills. If we do not reach an agreement, the matter will continue as normal, as an investigation and alternative disciplinary measures will be considered. By deciding to reach an agreement with a registered teacher, we are rebalancing the rights of the teacher against the public interest and our protection function. We take into account a number of factors, including whether the agreement is aimed at: the purpose of an investigation is to gather relevant information about concerns about a teacher and to determine appropriate disciplinary measures. If you accidentally selected an erroneous type of application, you can go back to starting the registration path module to change the type of record you want to request. Depending on the qualifications and places of study, you may need to provide information on the results of your English tests at one of the accredited test centres below If you started residing in 123 Old Street in May 2014 and moved to 456 New Street in June 2016, you must choose the day you entered and moved to each house without any flaw to begin your application, you must register for a MyVIT account. VIT needs your address history for the past five years to ensure we have accurate information to perform your Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check (NCCHC). When a medical panel determines that a teacher has a medical disability detrimental to the teacher`s teaching ability, the panel can make a decision: . An official hearing committee has the power to review whether a teacher: you must post evidence of all your name changes, for example After finding faults, an informal hearing may make one or more of the following conclusions – that the teacher: candidates for the registration of early childhood teachers must present the qualifications approved or recognized by the Australian Education and Meat Quality Authority (ACECQA) at the level of early childhood teachers. VIT recognizes your intergovernmental and/or New Zealand registration that streamlines the first registration process for the corresponding type of registration.