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4 x 4 x 4 approach to your website

Jackie has delivered this popular 30-minute talk several times since 2014, both in the UK and South Africa.

It suits sole traders, entrepreneurs and business-owners who write their own web copy – because they don’t know what they don’t know. She usually customises the case studies to feature the websites of the people in the room, and uses screenshots to demonstrate best practice. Don’t worry, she would never name and shame anyone.

“Jackie really does deliver what she promises: writing without waffle, or in our case, talking without tedium.”
“Many thanks for your brilliant session for us. You were voted best event and speaker by the Consultants Group.”
Sue Hind Woodward, Institute of Fundraisers

It’s a good fit with Jackie’s third book The Little Fish Guide to Writing your own Website which can be bought in bulk and given as a gift to attendees.

  • Best time to deliver this talk? When attendees are responsible for their own web content
  • Variation: Homepage headlines

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