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Active networking

Jackie was invited to run a networking session for the Young Director Forum at the IoD. She included her famous ‘networking bingo’ as an icebreaker and example of ‘quantity’ networking. She then divided attendees into groups using ‘fuzzy balls’ to present to each other for one-minute each as an example of ‘quality’ networking. Finally, she drew out some key lessons for them to take away.

Here’s a brief snippet that captures the energy that resulted in the room:

“You were excellent and spot on for our crowd. That was one of the buzziest nights we’ve had and that was down to your injection of energy.”
David Gordon, Chairman, IoD Young Directors’ Forum


“Jackie can energise an audience and make networking sessions fun and informative. If you need an energy injection during your conference I would highly recommend Jackie Barrie.”
Janice B Gordon


“Many thanks for your excellent talk on Thursday. I expected it to be good and wasn’t disappointed. I particularly liked the paper-tearing exercise.”
Huw Williams, Croydon Ecademy

  • Best time to run this exercise? Just before a break
  • Variations: Snowball fight – a fun way of getting people to mix and mingle. Card matching – a creative way of getting people into groups.

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