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Jem Adrienne Lee JackieThe good news is that I was invited to tell a funny story on the after-dinner chat show hosted by Jeremy Nicholas. It was live-streamed last night, with fellow guests Adrienne Gibson and Lee Warren.

The bad news is that Virgin Media are currently experiencing intermittent issues in my postcode area, which resulted in a slightly glitchy recording. They assure me that their engineers are working on it, and will text me as soon as it’s resolved.

It reminded me how dependent we are on reliable internet access. Especially now.

As a backup, I have invested in an O2 mobile broadband dongle. I have also set up the iPad tethered to the iPhone as a backup to the backup.

Finally, if Zoom goes down during a meeting that I’m hosting, I have a Skype group already set up, and an email already drafted in MailChimp to let attendees know.

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