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I spent last week in Hove doing musical narrative improv with And Also and some delightful improvisers.

I’ve always been mystified by the magic of a musical that’s created in the moment from a single prompt. And now I know some of the tricks.

My favourite moment was when I was in the role of an ex-skater, singing a song with Stuart about ‘the mismatch of our nubs’ when I realised that harmonising beautifully wasn’t a mismatch, and deliberately sang and danced off key and off time from then on. Such joy!

Improv is my happy place. I’ve been learning it for about a decade, and it’s leaked into work and life, making me a more relaxed and spontaneous human.

L to R: Lela, Joe, Heather, Carmen, Stuart, Waqar, Arne, Mary, me, Duncan, EwanAnd Also Improv

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