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CopyCon bannerOn Friday, I was at the Pro Copywriters’ annual conference in Brighton.

Many copywriters who have attended one of my online or offline training sessions or been part of one of my mentoring or masterminding groups came up to say hello. It was great to meet them IRL.

One was even a main stage keynote speaker, who remembered me being among her first copywriting teachers. It made me so proud. I can’t claim any credit. All awesomeness is entirely her own.

I’m usually on stage or running a breakout session at these events, but am never too proud to be in the audience. I’m always learning. My main takeaway from the day was the permission to be (even more) weird and creative.


P.S. I’m currently facilitating the Pro Copywriters’ Speakeasy programme to help copywriters make accomplished presentations to audiences, colleagues and clients.

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