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A journalist contacted me recently, as he was writing about the last-ever printed Freemans catalogue. He found me because of a blog I wrote (this is the blog: End of an era), and we chatted for about an hour.

I explained how the company grew from the ‘turns clubs’ of the early 1900s, and how agency mail order worked in its heyday.

Here’s the online version of the article shown above in The Sun.

Among other things, I’m quoted as saying: “Freemans was a huge company and things were quite glamorous, with photoshoots and the buying department jetting off around the world. It was like The Devil Wears Prada.

I was particularly pleased with the Daily Mail version of the story, as it includes a picture of me with my feet on my desk in 1983, in the days before computers.

The story was syndicated around the national and trade press.

One small point. It says I left there in the year 2000, it was actually 2001. (My mistake.) I’ve been freelancing ever since then.

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