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Oh what a lovely bit of copy

I saw this ad on the train yesterday, and read it several times out of pure enjoyment.

How refreshing to see the copy over-riding the visuals (because we all know what mattresses look like).

What a nice, simple, sunny brand (makes sense, it’s about waking happy).

Even the offer code is perfectly written. (A ‘no brainer’, in fact.)


Copy by Paul Belford.

I love a confident client who allows me to write in a conversational style like that.

For example, here’s what I wrote recently for a contact page:

You’ll find our grand old office building tucked away behind a surprisingly residential street. Please make an appointment before you visit, and we’ll put the kettle on.

If you want your brand to sound like a human, give me a call.


What’s wrong with this ad?

A warm voice reads: “You wouldn’t shampoo without conditioning, so why not use a combination thrush treatment like Canesten Combi to soothe the external itch AND clear the internal infection.”

First, I reckon some people DO shampoo without conditioning.

Second, there is absolutely no logical connection between washing your hair and treating thrush.

Third, saying “use a treatment like Canesten” almost encourages people to check out similar alternatives.

Hmm, you wouldn’t write copy without using a copywriter, would you?