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I was thrilled to be invited to run a session about icebreakers for R Michael Anderson’s programme ‘Next Normal Leadership’. I was even more thrilled with the way he promoted me on Facebook. Here’s a snippet:

Are your Virtual Meeting BORING and FLAT?

Do you get the sense that people are DREADING another one of your ZOOM/TEAM/HANGOUT meetings?
Do you wish you had a MAGIC WAND to get people TALKING and ENGAGED?
I know this is a common issue so I went out and got the “Harry Potter” of injecting life and engagement into remote meetings: Jackie Barrie

And here’s what one attendee said afterwards:

“OH MY GOODNESS!!  This was REALLY good!  I LOVE all of it and will need to put in a plan to integrate one of these every time I have a meeting. This is a BONUS indeed! [This will help] IMMENSELY!!! Talk about improving ME and MY MEETINGS and getting people to get engaged! Thank you JACKIE.”
Isabel, Trading partner
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