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Throughout November, I was the stand-in co-host on London City YDN’s new Monday morning business show, alongside Barnaby Wynter. The shows were recorded as podcasts which you can replay below. To skip the music, just nudge the slider along a couple of minutes. To get your questions answered on future shows, email barnaby@londoncityydn.co.uk.

Show 5

The one where we have a heated debate about whether or not crowd-sourcing is ethical. We also discuss values-matching in the workplace and the importance of contracts. Ruth and Debbie receive on-the-spot advice.

Listen from 4:20 to 02:01:45

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Show 4

This week, we discuss business communication including how to thank clients and what to do about no-shows. In the studio, Ruth and Emmanuel get constructive feedback about their businesses. We also analyse the number seven.

Listen from 3:20 to 01:59:50

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Show 3

Inspired by the book E-Myth Revisited by Michael E Gerber, we discuss the various roles within your business. We also look at how predicted trends may impact you, and talk to Michael (show producer) about his business idea.

Listen from 3:20 to 02:05:50

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Show 2

In which we define value, discuss VAT, hear some surprising business-themed reggae, get a call from John with his “brilliant business idea”, and learn what’s special about the letter K. Also, Sam and Alexandria benefit from free business advice, live in the studio.

Listen from 12:15 to 02:09:05

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