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Happy to be quoted in this book

Last night I was at Google’s London HQ for the results of the first UK copywriting census run by the DMA Campaign for Great British Copywriting. 433 copywriters (including me) contributed to the results. Here are some of the highlights/lowlights:

  • 94% think ’emotional response’ is the most important marker of powerful copy (I think it’s results e.g. sales)
  • 71% want a clearer brief (yes, that helps)
  • 54% said copywriting is not respected (I agree)
  • 28% said copywriting is first to be cut due to budget (I agree with that too)
  • 1% like writing website copy (that’ll be me!)

I think the word ‘copywriting’ has a brand identity problem. Many clients don’t know what it is, that they need it or how to spell it. Despite that, I’m a happy copywriter :-)

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