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SweetsDuring the pandemic, I’ve evolved my products and services to serve different audiences and generate separate income streams.

Here’s an overview of the things you can pick – they may be packaged differently but they are all equally sweet 😉

For people who want fact-filled copywriting with no fluff, written by me or my team of journalist-turned-copywriters, especially:

  • web copy
  • blogs and articles
  • case studies

>>> writingwithoutwaffle.com

For people who want a speaker or trainer to:

  • help their audience to write better copy
  • demonstrate activities they can use on Zoom that will reinforce their learning outcome and keep their audience engaged
  • enliven their online or on-site event by facilitating a fun networking session or series of hilarious revision games to embed key concepts

>>> jackiebarrie.com

For speakers, trainers and presenters who want ideas for icebreakers and energisers to help engage their audience and embed the learning

>>> experientialspeaking.co.uk.

(A new book is on its way about online engagement)

For recruiters and HR professionals who want to write better job ads (I co-deliver this training with recruiter, Mitch Sullivan)

>>> https://copywritingforrecruiters.com

For journalists who want to add copywriting as an income stream (this course sells out almost every time)

>>> Live training (on-site or on Zoom)

>>> Pre-recorded training

For freelance copywriters who want regular tips (free), group or 121 mentoring (paid) and occasional job opportunities, join my Facebook group

>>> Copywriter Club

(A book about confident freelance copywriting is also on my ‘to do’ list)

My challenge is how to present all this breadth without diluting the perceived depth of my skillset.

To the business world, these products and services may all seem different.

To me, they’re all related, because everything I do comes from being a copywriter and knowing how to engage people, whether that’s through the written word, the spoken word, or an activity that the audience undertakes.

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