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I first met Annabel Meade at a book launch a few months ago. It was a business occasion, so of course, we talked about work. At first she spent time telling me about what she does in Forex, to which I made some polite response. Then she mentioned briefly that she’s also a racing driver. Suddenly, I was interested and we enjoyed a fascinating conversation!

Apparently, she spent the train journey home thinking about what I’d asked. She realised she’d been devoting her thoughts, time and energy on Forex trading. By shifting her thinking to focus more on race driving, she’s attracting more opportunities.

That’s what Annabel told me when I met her a second time at an exclusive networking thing and she thanked me for being in the right place at the right time and saying the right thing.

Top tip: Everybody has a story to tell. When you go networking, it’s your job to keep asking questions until you find out what it is.

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