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Making professional iPhone recordings

I was invited to deliver a workshop at the recent PSA Mega convention. (It was about the 4 x 4 x 4 approach to speaker websites, thank you for asking.) Afterwards, I took my own advice and captured video testimonials from some of the attendees, using my iPhone.

Here’s the video I made.

As you may know, sound quality is important, and you can’t rely on the in-built iPhone microphone to do a good job.

Some people have asked me how I did it. I like to be helpful, so I’ve written this post to answer the question. BUT this is a story about how NOT to do it! It’s a lesson in buy cheap, pay dear’.

Here are the various tools I used, together with the lessons I learned:


Sizzler delivered

I spoke about my 4x4x4 approach to speaker websites at this weekend’s PSA Mega convention. I was proud to see my name on the big screen alongside so many great speakers. Here’s what some of Read more…

When is LinkedIn like face-to-face networking?

LinkedInYou may know LinkedIn as the biggest and best B2B* social network. Like most business-people, you’ve probably created a LinkedIn profile. It may appear on page 1 of Google for a search of your name. But does it work for you?

Most people throw up a profile but then do nothing with it and complain that LinkedIn doesn’t work.

The best way to use LinkedIn is to post articles, get active in the groups, and to arrange introductions via intelligent searching. Let’s look at each of these in turn.


Love my new banner!

Thanks to Jason at Giraffe Banners for my new roll-up banner, enhanced with spot UV to make the WWW keys shine. Banners form an essential part of your branding when you’re ‘on show’ at exhibitions Read more…

Sizzling stuff

I was flattered to be invited to deliver a ‘Sunday Sizzler’ session at this year’s Mega convention of the Professional Speaking Association. I’ll be sharing ‘the 4 x 4 x 4 approach to enhancing your Read more…

Here come de judge

View from the judges’ table last night at Pony Express. The standard of the speakers was really impressive, but we were able to suggest constructive feedback for each of them.

Back on the radio

Yay me! I’ve been booked to do another radio interview. This time, it’s about trends in websites. The show will be broadcast over the Internet airwaves on 29 October. Listen out for more details nearer Read more…

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