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Frank Sinatra

Harry Connick Junior

Two handsome singers. ‘So what does this have to do with your Bad Ads blog?’, you may be asking yourself. ‘What does this teach me about UK advertising and marketing?’

Well, I saw the first picture displayed as a poster in a café on Saturday, during the lunchbreak from the London meeting of the Professional Speaking Association. The poster was at the far end of the table, so I couldn’t read the caption, and at first, I thought it showed Harry Connick Junior (I don’t think I’d ever seen a picture of Frank Sinatra looking so young).

But this blog post isn’t about my poor face-recognition, nor Frank Sinatra, nor Harry Connick Junior! It’s about using speaking as a way to promote your expertise (and therefore your business products or services).

So far, I’ve learned that speakers can get paid more than trainers (as you may know, I’m a trainer as well as a copywriter and author). So I may well be spending more time at the PSA and in the café looking at the young Frank in future!

Would becoming a speaker be a useful addition to your marketing mix?

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