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ChickenThe biggest questions start with Who, What, When, Where, Why and How. And the greatest of all is Why. Consider why you do any marketing before you start. Work out what is your most wanted response to any online or offline marketing communication.

For your print marketing, do you want to get someone to pick up the phone or send an email? If yes, make this ‘call to action’ big and bold so they can’t miss it.

When people visit your website, do you want to capture their email address for future use? (If not, you should!) Then encourage them to sign up to a non-salesy newsletter and offer an incentive such as an exclusive downloadable report.

Why send a newsletter? Not to be an advert. To keep in touch, remind people you exist and what you do, and ultimately, so you are in the front of their mind when they need you or know someone who does (nudge nudge, hint hint).

Why are you on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Google+? It’s not directly to boost sales, but you might undertake some social media activity in order to drive traffic to your site (where you do your selling). Remember, once you’ve attracted someone to your website, you don’t want to lose them to your content elsewhere. So don’t make too much emphasis on the social media icons on your site in case people click away.

And finally, why do you network face-to-face? It’s not to sell to people in the room – it’s to build relationships that may lead to referrals in future.

photo credit: Why via photopin (license)

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