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Jackie is often booked to capacity. Rather than turning work away, she’s built a team of trusted freelancers she can outsource to. For some projects, Jackie will arrange the introduction and you’ll liaise direct with the client. For others, she will project manage the job and be the ‘go between’.

Jackie’s Writing Without Waffle ‘inner circle’ comprises up to 10 journalist-turned-copywriters. Members are usually UK-based with at least a year or two of freelance copywriting experience. Many have a specialist niche and others are generalists.

As well as occasional leads (not guaranteed), members get monthly masterminding and mentoring as a group, plus WhatsApp support. Copywriters often work alone, but team members say they like the group spirit. Typically, they also build relationships between each other that lead to more work opportunities.

A new cohort is starting in October 2022 for the next six months.

“Jackie generously shares her wisdom and experience, always cheerfully. It’s genuinely a privilege to be mentored in this way. Jackie easily shows how she uses insights from her understanding of psychology to elevate the task of copywriting to an art through science. At the same time she keeps it down to earth and simple, enabling you to do the same.”
Kay Cox

Group mentoring dates

We meet on Zoom, usually on the last Friday of each month, from 2-3pm UK time. Here are the dates to book in your diary:

28 October 2022
25 November 2022
19 December 2022 (Monday to allow for the festive break)
27 January 2023
24 February 2023
31 March 2023

If you can’t attend live, you can ask Jackie to provide a lightly edited video of the session.

Your investment

The cost to join for six months is £112.50 + VAT = £135 (paid in advance)

To apply

The deadline for applications is 14 October 2022

Please email:

  • Three attachments or links to copy you’ve written
  • A paragraph about each project, explaining the brief and the results your copy achieved (if known)
  • Three testimonials about your work from satisfied clients
  • Confirmation of whether you’ve done Jackie’s freelance copywriter training course or ‘Confident Freelance Copywriting’ mentoring programme (if yes, you’re more likely to be accepted because you already know her approach)
  • Your mobile phone number (for the WhatsApp ‘WWW inner circle’ group)

What next

Jackie will contact you to set up a Zoom call to find out more and discuss how the inner circle works. You’ll also get one-to-one feedback on the copy you’ve submitted.

“Lots of people would happily pay for your feedback on their copy! And I’m getting paid for the work while learning from you! Obviously, I have many years’ experience as a journalist, but I’m still honing my craft as a copywriter so I’m really enjoying having you as my mentor and collaborator! One very happy camper here!

Free advice

For regular copywriting tips and occasional job opportunities, join Jackie’s Copywriter Club. You can ask her anything in there. She can’t always promise to respond immediately, but the other members are also very helpful.

It has a strict ‘no sales’ policy, a supportive nature, and more of a UK flavour than many of the copywriting groups on Facebook.

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