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Online training

Jackie says Zoom is her playground. As well as using it for training courses and meetings, she also uses it to host coffee mornings, family lunches and evening parties. In line with her tendency to gameify everything, she’s used polls to run quizzes, the whiteboard to play drawing games, breakout rooms for guessing games, screen share for puzzles, and the chat panel for storytelling. It leads to maximum engagement for participants.

If your people are working from home, or based in separate geographic locations, it’s not easy to get them together for a group training course on-site.

Don’t imagine that a course that’s delivered remotely is any kind of compromise. You and your team can still learn new skills, without the need to travel.

Jackie has trained people around the world via digital technology, and achieves the same level of engagement and results as if they were all in the same physical space.

She also trains Zoom hosts how to run effective meetings and give participants the best experience.

“It was really well adapted to video, felt like it had been set up for that delivery and not that it was a Plan B approach at all.”

Choose from:

  • Live training session on Zoom: small group, customised, lots of interaction, half-day or full-day
  • Live webinar: large group, presentation + Q&A
  • Live lunch-and-learn session(s): small group, focused content
  • Pre-recorded video series for your intranet: bitesize tips, people can study at their own pace
  • Pre-recorded online course: highly interactive, people can study at their own pace, option for student chat group, option for marked assignments
  • One-to-one mentoring via Zoom or Skype: bespoke, personal, option for followup email support

Jackie will usually record a personalised trailer to help you promote your event. The video at the top of this page shows a typical sample.

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