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Here’s a typical introduction for the MC to read:

Our next speaker has been a professional copywriter since 1983. She writes without waffle and trains other people how.

Everything she does comes from being a writer. She helps people to communicate their message clearly – whether that’s through the written word on paper or screen, the spoken word face-to-face, or an activity that the audience undertakes.

In this session, you will learn:

[Jackie will provide specific takeaways here to suit the topic of each talk]

She’s renowned for using audience participation activities, and has published two books of icebreakers and energisers, Unboring and Experiential Speaking. So you can be sure this session will be engaging as well as practical.

Please welcome… Jackie Barrie!


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Jackie Barrie

Jackie Barrie iMac

Jackie Barrie square headshot

Jackie Barrie landscape headshot


Jackie Barrie Paper tearing

Jackie Barrie Top down v bottom up

Jackie Barrie flipchart

Jackie Barrie dots

Jackie Barrie On tour

Jackie Barrie Balcony

Jackie Barrie Doorway

Jackie Barrie with mic

Jackie Barrie with mic

Jackie Barrie speaking at CopyCon

Jackie Barrie speaking in Canada

Jackie Barrie statement jacket

Jackie Barrie holding book


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