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Copywriting for recruiters

In 2016, recruiter Mitch Sullivan was looking for a copywriter to help him train recruiters how to write better job ads. He chose Jackie Barrie. As a generalist copywriter, he knew she would bring insight from outside the sector. He also knew she did training. Together, they have since trained over 1,000 recruiters and HR professionals around the world – many of them have gone to achieved amazing results.

Delegates can choose the format that’s best for them:

Group course (full programme): Half-day pre-recorded + assignment + half-day live on Zoom + 121 coaching

This blended option is the best way to embed the learning. Group members work through the online course, then write an ad to show what they’ve learned so far. Next, they join the rest of their group in an interactive Zoom session to see how the theory relates to their own ads, followed by 121 coaching where they each get personalised feedback.

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Group course: Half-day pre-recorded + assignment + half-day live on Zoom

This course is for small groups, anywhere in the world. In part 1, recruiters work through the pre-recorded online course. They then complete an assignment. In part 2, they receive live feedback and work on improving their ads during an interactive half-day Zoom followup.

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Online course + reinforcement: Half-day pre-recorded + 121 coaching

Recruiters learn the theory online, then put it into practice and get personal feedback on their own ad-writing style.

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Online course: Half-day pre-recorded

This option is for recruiters anywhere in the world who’d like to study in their own time.

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"After working in recruitment for nearly 20 years, I thought I knew a thing or two about marketing jobs. Mitch and Jackie's course has taught me a stack of new information that I'll be putting to immediate use in my job ads. The course is easy to follow, presented well and rammed with fantastic content."
Mark Pearce

Open & in-house courses: Full-day on-site

Jackie and Mitch's training courses have been attended by hundreds of recruiters up and down the UK and Ireland, transforming the job ads they write. In-house recruiters and HR professionals benefit from booking the customised course on their own premises (when covid restrictions allow).

“How does tripling your advert engagement sound? That’s what it did for me. I’ve had candidates say ‘I wasn’t really looking, but I loved how the company sounded in the ad’. We’ve made a number of direct hires this way, saving time AND money.“
Sarah Potter

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