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Back in 2008, Jackie was asked to deliver a one-hour talk on marketing. She was told 40 business people would be there, but when she arrived, there were only 12. Of course, she did her best job anyway. Afterwards, an audience member told Jackie she ran a training company, and that she’d learned more in that hour than in a full day with their usual marketing trainer. That audience member became a regular client, and Jackie is still on their roster to this day.

All Jackie’s copywriting courses are designed around the copy that participants write. The underlying principles remain the same, while the case studies and writing exercises are based on your own documents – this level of customisation makes the day absolutely relevant, with practical takeaways for attendees.

She is renowned for using audience participation in her training sessions and talks, because it’s the best way to engage attendees and embed the learning outcome.

“I was impressed by Jackie’s approach to teaching – she clearly considers different styles of learning, and I felt the benefit of that. All day, I was completely engaged in the course – no clock watching whatsoever! As the day went on, I got more excited each time we were set a new task! They were really interesting, enjoyable activities.”
Olivia Webb

Here are some of Jackie’s most popular training courses, all of which be delivered onsite or online:

  • Copywriting for recruiters: How to write compelling job ads
  • Copywriting for journalists: How to add copywriting as an income stream
  • Copywriting for marketers: How to write copy for web pages, blog posts and events
  • Copywriting for small-business owners: Write your own website / Tart up your tagline
  • Hot topics: Copywriting in a crisis / Gendered language in job ads
  • Advanced copywriting: Psychology of copywriting, for people who already have basic copywriting skills
  • Experiential (online) speaking: Games speakers and trainers can play on Zoom to engage your audience and help embed the learning

Those are just a few ideas. Jackie will always design a specific course that’s based around your needs.

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